Realistic Personal Safety & Self-Defense

At IMPACT we believe everybody has the right to be safe and the ability to protect themselves. We envision a world where people walk with confidence, speak up, and don�?#8482;t let fear limit their lives. Personal and social change are possible when people experience the strength of their bodies and the power of their voices.

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NECN covered an IMPACT workshop that took place at Copley Squre

IMPACT's LGBTQ Self-Defense Class was featured on Channel 5's Chronicle
Watch the video to see IMPACT in action!

See more of Chronicle's enlightening episode Almost Equal about the great work being done to address challenges facing the LGBTQ community!

Our next LGBTQ Self-Defense Class will be held Friday October 25th thru
 Sunday October 27th
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More of IMPACT's Mission

Abuse Prevention

Preventing abuse before it is perpetrated requires the bravery and skills to initiate hard conversations, work for social change, and advocate for safe communities. IMPACT gives people the experience of being effective in the face of fear as well as useful strategies to channel that confidence toward prevention.

Building Confidence: Healing from Abuse and Trauma

Nearly half of IMPACT's students are survivors of abuse and trauma. Instructors create a supportive environment and openly acknowledge the fears and struggles associated with learning self-defense. IMPACT classes give students the experience of being powerful in their bodies, which offers many survivors a unique opportunity for healing.
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 March 15, 2009

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March 5, 2009

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January 29, 200

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December 13, 2007


IMPACT works to prevent violence and abuse by giving people the tools to protect their safety and advocate for healthy relationships and sexual respect in their communities and society.